My style of photography?

I believe in photos that make your heart feel something rather than just some pretty photos. I believe that a baby should be cuddled and loved in your arms. I'm a big believer that there's perfection within imperfection. I believe in laughter and tears over stiff stagnant poses. I believe in real connection. 

I want to capture the genuine and crazy weird love that you have for each other.  I want to give you images that make your heart scream out loud " that's what I'm proud of and that's my heart, right there. "

When is a good age for photos?

If you ask me this then my answer will be now because you are obviously thinking about it - you must want to remember something that's now. Time changes a lot of things so now is always my favourite time.

If you want to capture those little details when your baby fits just neatly in your forearm, when he/she is just teeny tiny and happy sleeping, it's best that you do it within the first 10 days. 

My favourite time is when they crawl, sit, eat with their hands, learn to walk .. ohh all stages! So hard to pick! Every stage is different and cute in its own way. 

A lot of families dislike winter for obvious reasons but having photos in coats and scarves, getting all cosy with a cup of tea in your hands and keeping warm in a blanket isn't too bad. Even shots of your kids with a runny nose is nice to look back on. If you have family photos taken yearly, perhaps change the season each year so that you have variety :)

What happens if it rains or someone is uwell?

In the event that it rains or someone is unwell, we can reschedule the shoot to another day that's suitable for all within the next 2 months. 

Location - where should we go?

I must say that my favourite place to photograph families is a place that has meaning to you. Whether you guys just enjoy a lazy casual day laying on your bed and playing in the backyard, or spending your sunday morning at a coffee shop and a walk through the park, or that you guys love running barefoot on a sandy beach, or you're a family that loves camping and would like me to document that for you, I'd love that! 

What should we wear?

I'm no stylist but experience has taught me that comfort makes a huge difference in photos. Wear what you feel comfortable and pretty  in, what you can run wildly around with, what you don't mind getting messy in or what doesn't restrict your movement and make you feel conscious. Be comfortable and be you. Ahh by the way, I do like skin. For real.

Layering makes a difference. It's like having multiple outfits! A pop of colour is fun :)

There are two things I'll ask of you: pretty pretty please don't turn up all in jeans and a white top as a family unless of course if this is what you all wear out normally. Please also avoid big logos on tops as this can be a distraction to your images.

What should we bring on the day?

Let me warn you that modelling is hard work, but it's fun and the experience is worth it! Take a snack and water with you just in case your little ones get hungry. Bring a spare change of clothes if we are going to the beach because it's more than likely that I will make you get into the water and get wet. 

Bring a rug, a toy .. whatever you like to see in your photos.

Bring you. And I mean YOU :) 

When will our photos be ready?

2 weeks. You will receive an email from me advising that your gallery is ready for viewing. This gallery will be password protected and you will be given a pin number to download all your photos in high resolution and/or web size.

Can you photoshop my photos?

Unfortunately, no. All your photos will be delivered to you as per standard of what you see in my gallery. If you require skin retouching or further editing, this can be done at an extra hourly rate. 

What time will the shoot take place?

I normally take photos at sunrise or just before sunset if it's outdoors. 2 hours before sunset. It's golden light. I know it can be quite late in the afternoon but I promise the result will be so worth it. There are no harsh shadows, no eyes squinting and the light is just glorious! You guys can even go to have a nice dinner after the shoot! :)

If the session is at your house, you can tell me when the natural lighting is best in your place.


If there's any other questions that you have, please email me.