I love sunsets, it fixes everything in me. I've only ever been awake not more than a handful of times to see sunrise. I stay up late at night because I can't sleep but also because I love how deep and vulnerable and real a person allows themselves to be at those midnight or early AM hours. I love conversations at those hours. I do enjoy falling asleep at dawn, when the first light is coming through, when the birds start to chirp and the world seems joyful.

I love simplicity. And all the little things. Riding a bike, bread with butter, a soft hand on the cheek, a hug just because, a handwritten note, water on my bedside or a pacer on my desk. This all means a lot to me.

I love the word eternity. Perhaps that's the reason why I don't like flowers. 

I believe in kindness and I believe that infectious smiles can change the world. So can genuine hearts. 

I absolutely love being a mum. I love being a child. I love being a free spirit, being adventurous, being dreamy and being true. In every way, my Taiyah and my Nahnah are my greatest teachers. I live and learn with them and from them. 

To me, photography is like a vehicle- it allows us to access our memory lane and more importantly it's a reminder of the moments we've lived, a reminder of our blessings and a reminder of our connections. It's our only reminder of our past. I hold every assignment dearly to my heart and I want to seek for moments that remind us why life is beautiful.